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A range of room transmitters for measuring carbon dioxide concentration in indoor environments. The transmitter has a built-in CO2 sensor with working range 0...2000 ppm and output signal 0...10 V, as well as a built-in PT1000 temperature sensor with separate terminals.

  • Output signal CO2, 0...10 V DC referring to 0...2000 ppm
  • Temperature sensor, 0...10 V DC referring to 0...50°C and
  • PT1000 class DIN B
  • CO2 concentration, 0...2000 ppm
  • Temperature, 0...50°C
  • Good long-term stability
  • RCBC algorithm

Transmitters with automatic calibration combining measurementof CO2 level and temperature in the same casing. The sensors are mounted in the cover-part of the casing. The cover is easy to detach from the back by means of snap-in grips and detachable terminals. This makes mounting easier. Furthermore, no cables have to be disconnected, simplifying service and replacement.

The transmitters are intended for wall mounting in HVAC systems.

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